A worthy man as part of female happiness (Yin and Yang energy)

Yin and yang

Human nature, consisting of Yin and Yang, tells us that by combining male and female, we come to harmony. It is indisputable that every human soul is already a priori ideal and impeccable. And, indeed, each person taken is able to recreate within himself the balance of male and female. But this is the way of the saints. The way by which you can come into contact with your subtle body and learn to listen to your soul, completely lulling the mind for a while.

Few of you have the goal of becoming a saint. I - definitely not. However, everyone wants to be happy. This, as we know, is the most important and, as it seems to me, the only goal of human existence. Without inner harmony, this is not so easy, if not impossible. This is one of the components of happiness. So, if you are not going to leave your house the other day and go to the monastery, then the only way to balance Yin Yang is to build harmonious relations.

Are we a generation of singles?

In the modern world, unfortunately, the relationship between a man and a woman is increasingly depreciating. It is considered fashionable to be a loner who does not assume any responsibility. People are less and less willing to tie themselves in some kind of bond. Does this mean that in modern society we have come to the point of being able to be happy alone? No matter how! In 2020, we need it more than ever.

Remember the marriages of our grandparents. They lived together for many decades, lived in love and understanding. Now, we are witnessing a large number of divorces. I will devote another topic to divorce. But the matter is not even in them. People simply do not want to connect themselves with anyone, or at least they are struggling to convince themselves that they do not need it at all.

And there is a logical explanation for that.

By the age of 18, the child has a wealth of life experience in a relationship. He had already managed to meet the love of his life, to be disappointed in love, many already by this age had experience of physical contact. Our grandparents had it differently. Most often, their first partner was those with whom they lived in the future all their lives.

I am not saying that you need to have only one partner. If you are completely crazy, it’s very wonderful that in the 21st century we can say: “Arevoir!” And leave the villain. At the same time, not being afraid that we will be stoned.

Whether your man will be worthy is up to you!

We get freedom of choice in excessive excess, and, as a result, we rush here and there. Shifting to new partners, mistakes and mistakes of the previous ones. Or, drawing in the head, the image of the ideal man (which most likely does not exist) - we do not notice good candidates.

You can rush around for a long time in the delusions that all men are unworthy, that there are no real men in the world. But such reasoning is rather self-deception. The reason for the failed relationship is in you, in your thoughts. You meet someone on your way, drawing his image in your head, and then after a while you are disappointed in this person, accusing him of all troubles.

You see, men are not rewarded with such cunning as we women are rewarded. You blame him for not being the one you painted him in your head. But he was always what he is. The fact that he does not match your fictional image does not make him a traitor and a scoundrel.

Therefore, each time, disappointed in someone, pull yourself, and try to act consciously - without embellishing or underestimating the person.

Balance will recover anyway

After several unsuccessful experiments, some try to protect themselves from further love tragedies. One of such methods is the self-suggestion that you do not need any men at all, that you already feel quite comfortable. And these stupid men only bring pain and disappointment.

But, if you, as I mentioned earlier, do not include yourself in the category of saints, then no matter how you suggest, the desire for a balance of Yin and Yang still does its job, and subconsciously, you want to find this harmony. After all, the world is arranged so that a woman without a man cannot manifest herself fully, exactly, like a man without a woman cannot be considered full-fledged.

Do not misunderstand me. Each person must be a full-fledged personality in itself. There is no doubt about that. But a woman and a man are a harmony of counterbalanced forces that are not able to fit in one person. For example, generosity is saving; confidence is calm; tenderness - masculinity; etc.

Such an internal conflict with oneself brings a lot of suffering. Perhaps not manifested from the outside, but its power is huge, and it leads to the destruction of the psycho-emotional state.

Such a woman will sooner or later succumb to her nature and find a man. But what kind of relationship will it be? If she drove into her head for a long time that the entire male population was unpleasant, that everyone wanted to hurt her, then she would automatically attract a man who would hurt her.

4 initial steps to help you find a decent man

Even if you are not ready for a new relationship, the following 4 steps will help you become happier.

I step:

Discard all the negativity of past experience. Remember those pleasant moments that were between you in a past relationship. Concentrate on them, and thank yourself to the person who once evoked pleasant feelings inside you.

Forgive yourself and him everything that still causes you negative emotions. Remember that only one man is needed for happiness, and a great many walk your halves around the world. And, each is a separate person. If everyone were the same, then all relations would be built according to the same scenario. Think about it and let go of negative thoughts and resentment.

II step:

Hide your pants for a while. Allow yourself to feel feminine. In the eyes of any man, a woman in a skirt looks much more attractive. In addition, you yourself will notice how your gestures, gait, manners, become lighter, more elegant, flowing - in a word, feminine.

Oddly enough, this is indeed a very important point - pay attention to it. To be with a real man - you need to be a real woman. And as you know, they are met by clothes ...

III step:

Respect every man. Absolutely everyone. Even those unworthy. After all, Yan is inherent in each of them, without exception. So try to appreciate it and respect. At least based on your personal interests. Treat male Yang as a good luck attribute.

IV step:

Improve your self-esteem! It will be great to do sports. Meditation is also a good way, not only to calm down, but also as an awareness of one’s true self and increased self-esteem. Read my other sections - there are many interesting things.

But for a woman, confirmation of her beauty from the outside is especially important. So be sure to go on dates!

With anyone (except for former partners: leave the past in the past!). Even if you absolutely do not consider the inviting person as your potential partner - for dinner, you CAN go with him, right ?! In addition, he may not be such a bad candidate)

It should be noted that you should not accept unworthy invitations. If a man behaves boorishly and breaks your boundaries (for example, invites him to his house “for tea”), then such a man should politely refuse.

Try to establish harmony between male and female - you don’t lose anything, but you can gain a lot!

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