Coronavirus - the road to happiness? What to do with yourself?

The whole world is going through difficult times. Someone calls this period the third world war, others - the apocalypse, some believe that this is some kind of world conspiracy. Which of them is right and right at all?

We ourselves are heating up the situation

Mankind has experienced many epidemics, but in our lifetime and in the memory of our grandfathers and grandmothers, there has never been anything like it. It is because of the lack of any historical experience that the current situation is confusing, panic and fear of tomorrow appear. On the other hand, people who find themselves in isolation, after only a few days, can’t find a place for themselves.

Having done the spring cleaning, having reviewed the whole Netflix, talking on Skype with all possible friends and acquaintances, people begin to get bored, feel like prisoners locked up in their own house, and quarrel between their family members. From morning till night they are discussing the “terrible pandemic that will kill all of humanity”, and, thereby, paint is even thickened.

Do not underestimate the power of thought.

People are accustomed to focusing on the negative, while practically ignoring all the positive aspects. Think for yourself when something unpleasant happens, we discuss it for a very long time, hammer all our thoughts into unpleasant experiences. And some pleasant moments - we quickly forget.

If we recall that life is a reflection of our thinking, it turns out that we, thinking about the negative, attract even more negative things. Accordingly, if we learn to stretch pleasant events, savor them, enjoy them completely, we will draw even more positive moments.

Pulling a lot of good things into your life, something is much less likely to happen to you. You, with your thinking, are able to choose the line of life in which you will not fall ill with either a coronavirus or any other infection. In the space of options there is any outcome. Your thinking is able to choose the appropriate development of events.

Self-isolation will make us happier

I wrote earlier that the meaning of a person’s life is to be happy. Do not put off your happiness for later, but be happy here and now. What do we do in everyday life for this? By and large - nothing!

We go to work, to study, we are engaged in self-education, we make sure that once in some uncertain future it is POSSIBLE to become happy. We concentrate on the lowest chakra, forgetting about the rest, and do not know how to live a measured life and value our time.

We distract ourselves with petty fuss. And now, when all this has been taken away, and life circumstances force us to be alone with ourselves and our eternal drama - we are indignant.

Quarantine is a great chance to rethink everything that happens in our lives. This is a great opportunity to relax for a moment and think about what we really need for our own happiness. It is for one's own - not the happiness of their children, parents, partner or anyone else. This is an opportunity to think about what we would like for ourselves personally.

In conditions of self-isolation, we no longer need to rush, run away. We are given a unique opportunity not to do something that someone has imposed on you what is “necessary”, “necessary”, but what we ourselves would like.

How to deal with boredom during quarantine?

I see quarantine as a commercial break from life. People practicing meditation take such a break every day. I do not urge everyone to start meditating polls, but knowing how to pause for a day, boredom will disappear. It is like rebooting a computer. We have hundreds of tabs open, a bunch of unnecessary programs are running, the system starts to slow down or freeze. But as soon as we restart the computer, the problem disappears.

Meditation is also a kind of reboot. She dumps the burden of unnecessary thoughts from us, so it’s easier for us to concentrate, come up with something interesting, and in the end simply feel happier.

What to do during self-isolation?

Learning foreign languages

I would like to draw attention to programs that will allow you to learn foreign languages ​​in an easy way. Instead of long and boring textbook lessons. For example, the well-known  Duolingo   and Memrise. Also available in apps for the App Store and Play Store.

Home weight training, yoga, aerobics, stretching exercises

During the coronavirus period, you can find a huge amount of online training under the supervision of a personal trainer or yoga instructor. Or, as a free alternative - video tutorials on Youtube.

You should be careful with the last point, since doing the exercises yourself, you risk getting injured. Therefore, here you go at your own peril and risk. It is better to consult with your doctor and do not forget to warm up well before exercise.

Meditation practices for self-knowledge and relaxation.

Useful information about where to start the practice, you can read in my articles:

“What is meditation and why should everyone do it”
and “Meditation. What a Beginner Practitioner Should Know

Online courses, all kinds of webinars. For example, business, marketing strategy, mission, creation and promotion of web sites and others.

Quarantine is the most ideal time for self-education. Everything that you have long wanted to learn, but put off for lack of time, is now available to you.

All kinds of creativity: painting, writing, singing, sewing, studying dances of different directions

Remember what you always liked to do or what you liked to do as a child. You do not have to be a professional artist or singer to sing and draw.

Golden time to invest your savings

Many stocks fell significantly. And why not take this opportunity? Example. Given that most countries have closed their borders, which means airports too, investing in stock exchanges for the aviation industry now is the right decision. After a pandemic in a global crisis, you will reap the rich fruits of your contribution.

And there are many such examples now - think about it.

New opportunities to earn!

For the entrepreneurial part of the population, now is also a great time for new earning channels. Open a new business that will have a much greater chance of success precisely under quarantine conditions. For example, cleaning apartments; online advice on what you specialize in; delivery of products.

More often remind yourself that the glass is still half full and not half empty! :)

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