What is meditation and why should everyone do it?

Meditation is a spiritual practice that can be viewed from different angles. I will not talk about pumped teachers, yogis, Buddhists and others. I will also not consider meditation in this article as part of a culture or religion. Nevertheless, I am sure that this practice will benefit absolutely every person without exception.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a spiritual practice that can be viewed from different angles. I will not talk about pumped teachers, yogis, Buddhists and others. I will also not consider meditation in this article as part of a culture or religion. Nevertheless, I am sure that this practice will benefit absolutely every person without exception.

Meditation is a way to control your thinking, feelings and emotions. This is not a gift or talent, it is a skill that everyone can master, since everyone is able to master cycling. Meditation is a way to understand yourself, to know yourself present, to learn how to cope with stress, and, ultimately, to finally understand the most important goal of every person’s life - to be happy.

Are you the master of your happiness?

A person is taught how to drive a car, but no one teaches how to drive his life. It seems to many that life is built on waiting for a good chance, or, of their finest hour.

At first, a person hopes that he will become happy after school, but happiness does not come. Then it seems to him that after the university - then it is certain that he will heal - but even then this does not happen. When will this happiness finally come? When will I become rich? No. After the wedding? No.

Field of birth of children? A little closer, but not either. Then comes old age, a person already complains and achs that everything was better before, what were the times, what kind of people - not like now. It often happens that a person dies like that, not even understanding roughly what happiness is.

Every moment of your life you make a choice. There is always a choice!

I will try to save a little time from your precious life, (or maybe a few lives - who knows) and answer this question. Get ready. So, happiness is all the good that is here and now, moreover, the good you have noticed here and now tends to attract even more good here and then. The end. Surprised? Yes, this may seem too simple and primitive, but if we discard the whole philosophy, I assure you that this is exactly how it works.

In the end, what do we have? Half of his life man lays happiness for later, and in his old age recalls with melancholy those beautiful days of youth, the days when he was ... happy? What is this getting? It turns out that he was happy, but his thoughts and emotions were so busy with everyday troubles that this luxury, savoring the blissful moments of happiness, simply had no place.

You can object, say, they say there was no choice. This is a big mistake - there is always a choice. A person decides whether he wants to be happy or unhappy. Many even get some strange unhealthy pleasure swimming in the ocean of their fictional and fictional grief. What would you like?

The beach is one for everyone, but the people on it are different. Who will you be?

We give a simple example. Let's try to look at the situation from the side. Imagine two people relaxing on the beach. The first person enjoys the sun, the sea, the cry of seagulls, a pleasant wind - life was a success. It would seem that there is no reason for discontent. But the second person sees the world in his own way - the sea is somehow not blue enough, the water in the bottle heats up, and a trash can is 900 meters from his deckchair. There probably stinks. He thinks. The beach is the same for both, but the first chooses to be happy on this beach, and the second - unhappy, grouchy and, accordingly, unhappy.

Such an example can be given in absolutely any situation. You can always find reasons to be unhappy, just as you can find reasons to be happy.

Try to imagine yourself in a situation where you were fired from your favorite job. Of course, there is nothing pleasant about this. And, again you are faced with a choice. It’s simpler and more characteristic for a person, in view of his old bad habit, to do what he knows best: complain about life, get drunk, blame himself, although more often, rather blame others, endlessly complain about the lack of justice in the world and so on. But the medal always has two sides.

Remember that the same beach two people can see in the root in different ways. In the situation of dismissal, you can take this news on the contrary, with enthusiasm. Why waste time and nerves? It will only thicken even more paint. You got an opportunity to reveal your potential even more. Maybe it's time to start working in a corporation of world significance? Maybe you should finally fulfill your old dream and start your own business, or maybe even radically change the line of business.

This is a great impetus for a new beautiful future. You can’t think positively - create an excuse yourself: buy a new dress, go to a football match with friends - remember, there are always reasons for happiness.

Why do I need meditation?

Meditation teaches you to recognize and share your feelings and emotions, to be able to control them.

With a systematic repetition of this spiritual practice, meditation will teach you the ability to turn on and off each individual emotion, both positive and negative.

Meditation will teach you to feel the time here and now, to concentrate not on what happened, not on what awaits you in the future, but on feeling every second of your life as the only one existing.

Imagine that you are given one single spoonful of black caviar, and again in your life you will never again have the opportunity to enjoy this most beautiful delicacy. Imagine with what pleasure you will relish, chew and swallow this spoon of caviar, all your concentration, all emotions, feeling of unspeakable pleasure - everything, only here and now, you and black caviar.

When practicing meditation, every moment of your life will be as close to this feeling as possible. Here and now: there is me, there is a moment in my life, there is a choice of how I want to feel - and I choose to be happy.

This is just one basic purpose of meditation, I would even say its side effect. By practicing meditation more and more, your life can change very abruptly in the most natural way. Try to devote it to some 10 minutes a day for a month and judge the result yourself.

“Do not think - act, cannot act - do not think!” (source. "The space of options" Vadim Zeland, 2004)

If you have made the decision that you want to try practicing, then you can read the information in the next article about where to start, how to learn to meditate correctly, what is “proper meditation”, and other necessary knowledge for a beginner.

Meditation. What a Beginner Practitioner Should Know

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