“Love lives for three years” or “When should sex happen?”

In the modern world, women are increasingly equated with men. A successful woman and a successful man do not have any significant difference in their understanding of modern society.

In fact, we are extremely different from each other. There are many things that women do much better than men, and vice versa.

The same thing happens in love and in sex - everything is completely different with us.

Male and female sex

What does a man need to have sex with a girl? Is it enough that she was physically attractive sexually? Absolutely yes!

Is it enough for a woman that a man be handsome to have sex with him? Enough of course. But subject to very low self-esteem. When a woman has not had anyone for a long time, she either convinces herself that she herself needs only sex from a man. Or, naively believes that sex can attract a man, and in addition also to keep.

Relationships may not last long on sex: 3-4 years maximum. This is the period of the so-called chemistry. Hence the famous phrase love lives three years. Not love lives for three years, but lust. If the relationship is built on sex, and lust disappears, then nothing remains, and people break up.

From here, such absurd acts as marrying him to become pregnant, relying on his paternal instinct, are also taken. Is it possible to love such a woman? Over time, you can hate, but not love. A woman who encroached on the freedom of a man in such an insidious way, he will never be able to love.

Good, sex for a woman can only be considered when she is with the man whom she fully trusts, psychologically and emotionally. Indeed, unlike a man, during intimacy, a woman completely gives herself up. According to the Vedas, their subtle bodies intertwine, and karma is exchanged. At the same time, a woman’s karma of a partner can remain up to 7 years, while for men, everything happens rather quickly.

If your partner is not a sexual maniac, and he has everything in order with the head, then sex occurs when the woman decides, since the man is ready from the first second of your meeting.

In order to build a strong relationship, the following steps should be taken before sex:

Stage 1. Sex drive

At the very beginning of a relationship, a man pays attention primarily to how a woman looks. At this stage, he cares for her for one purpose - the bed. Even if he wants to build a serious relationship, initially the main goal is always sex.

Many women are offended by this animal behavior of the stronger sex. But this is wrong. This is the masculine nature and it is absolutely normal. Without this, there would be no peace.

A woman pays attention to what the man says, how he behaves. In other words, on his intelligence.

Remember the famous phrase men love with eyes, women with ears. This phrase perfectly describes the first stage of the relationship.

2 stage. Emotional contact

If there is no sexual contact, your relationship goes on to the next stage.

Some time passes, and the man gradually gets used to your physical component, and then, he begins to pay attention to the emotions that he experiences with you. The same thing happens with a woman.

At this stage, you see how comfortable or uncomfortable you are in the presence of a person. What vibrations it carries for you personally.

3 stage. Harmony

If you both have established emotional contact, then a period of harmonization of your relationship begins.

The man, finally, begins to pay attention to what the woman says: what she is interested in, what are her goals, desires, how she sees family relationships. A man compares her words with his ideas.

If a woman is all right with self-esteem, then only at this stage she begins to pay attention to how a man looks. His appearance is becoming more attractive. He gradually becomes beautiful in her eyes, even if before that, he seemed to her completely ordinary.

I am not saying that the appearance of a man is not important at all. Of course, he should at least somehow attract you. But, if you already fell in love with his “bottomless eyes” on your first date, then such a relationship will not lead to anything good.

4th stage. Spiritual contact

Then there is a connection of a man and a woman on the subtle plane. When their worldviews, even if they do not coincide, then at least coexist harmoniously together. This is the highest level of relationship between people. We will call it, the path to God.

And at this stage, sex becomes what it really is. Not just a kind of sport, but a real fusion of souls and bodies - unlimited true love!

You can’t start building a house from the roof, you first need a foundation!

Of course, relationships can go through all these stages, even if you have sex on the first date. But if we talk about the desire to build long-term harmonious relations, then, if intimacy occurs at the last stage, spiritual contact will be a priority in such relations. And spiritual contact is eternal. Only such relationships can have a 100% guarantee of existence until death. In love, mutual respect and understanding.

If sex occurs at the first stage, then this relationship, with a greater degree of probability, is suitable for the phrase love lives three years.

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