Already married unbearable?

Why should a woman marry?

It would seem that it can change the ring on the finger? What is the difference between cohabitation and legalized relationships? A “stamp in a passport” by itself, of course, will not change anything in your relationship. But entering into marriage, a woman understands that, a) she is chosen, b) she is truly loved.

Steve Harvey wrote in his books about three things that indicate that a man loves you.
  • 1) He calls her his. (Gives his last name)
  • 2) He is ready to protect her.
  • 3) He is ready to bear material responsibility for her.

Therefore, marriage is a kind of sacred ritual where you openly declare to the whole world that you have chosen each other.

If you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time but have not received an offer, then perhaps you will find the answer to the question “why?” for one of the reasons listed below.

5 reasons why he does not marry

Civil marriage.

You enter into cohabitation and begin to fulfill the role of wife for a person who is not your husband. A year or two elapses, and offers of a hand and heart are not received. You begin to secretly or openly take offense at your man, blame him for not loving you. But, if something is constantly being improved in the female nature, then for men everything is different. He will never change what is already working.

If you live together, lead a joint life, and everything is fine and wonderful with you, then it would never occur to a man to put a “stamp in his passport”.

Not ready for responsibility.

The Vedas say that one needs to mature before the status of a man. The word itself speaks for itself: husband-rank, that is, the rank (rank) of the husband. When a boy grows up and becomes ready to take responsibility for another person, then he is ready for marriage.

He just didn't choose you.

When you have been dating for a year, and your man is in no hurry to buy a ring, while knowing that it is important for you. In this case, it is likely that he simply did not choose you. He is in a relationship with you because it is so convenient. He reserves the opportunity to meet someone better than you.

As a rule, a man does not need a wedding at all. He marries because it is important to the woman who is important to him. This is a gesture that makes a woman understand that he is ready to make her happy and does not want to lose.

You want to marry, not marry him.

Many shortsighted ladies want to get married just to be married. It’s not very important with anyone. If after two weeks of acquaintance with a man you already begin to start talking about marriage and see the father of your children in him, then this indicates a low self-esteem. You are almost ready to give your fate into the hands of someone unclear, moreover, for nothing.

This is very repulsive. A man understands that it is not he who matters to you, but the fact that someone will marry you. If you come across a wise person, you will at least scare him away and, to some extent, even offend him. If you suddenly come across a frivolous man who decides to marry you, you at least risk becoming very unhappy. Remember that marriage is not equal to happiness and is not a panacea for a relationship.

Excessive activity on your part.

“Take me - I'm all yours” - this is the wrong approach. For such a woman, I do not want to do things, develop, grow, seek her. A woman AT ALL should maintain maximum passivity in a relationship. You can talk about your ideas and desires, you can build your boundaries and declare them. But you should not take the initiative, and even more so, perseverance in building relationships.

A man should seek you, and not vice versa.

Excessive activity of a woman ALWAYS gives rise to excessive passivity of a man. Satya das

Is it worth striving for marriage?

It is worth understanding the importance of marriage. Do not take marriage as an absolute goal. Stamp in the passport will not give you any guarantees of a happy relationship, therefore

  • Work on self-esteem
  • Carefully look at your partner during courtship, judge him by his actions
  • Take your time to legitimize the relationship - give him time to prove that he is worthy, but it takes time
  • Appreciate the freedom of your partner, but do not neglect yourself
  • Talk about your desires, but don't force them
  • Take your time cohabiting. The common-law husband is not a husband. Maybe a neighbor or a friend, but not a husband
  • Respect yourself and don't be afraid to leave
  • Marriage can complement the already existing harmony between people, but cannot fix / improve relations. Choose only the most worthy for such an important step.

Strive not to get married, but to be happy and loved. After all, only for a woman he loves is a man ready to do things.

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