History of the Brand PINKO. What does the iconic Two Swallows Logo mean?

History of the Brand PINKO. What does the iconic Two Swallows Logo mean?

Among the branded accessories, Pinko bags hold a special place. They owe their existence to the development of the family business by Italian spouses Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini. Their brand, known for producing original and high-quality clothing for independent women, emerged relatively recently, in the late 1980s. Pinko’s models helped emphasize the independence and freedom of women.

The quality and originality of Pinko bags were immediately recognized and appreciated on the global stage. World-renowned models like Naomi Campbell, Alessandra Ambrosio, Barbara Palvin, and others represented Pinko’s clothing. Leading global photographers with impeccable reputations in the fashion industry joined the advertising campaigns.

«The Enamored Swallows» have conquered the world

The brand’s popularity gained momentum when a new product from the young company appeared on the global market in 2016: Pinko bags. These bags feature a minimalist design adorned with an original logo. Each item showcases metal swallows flying towards each other. They were immediately dubbed “enamored swallows,” and these new accessories with unassuming designs made a stunning impression. The luxurious accessories quickly sold out upon their initial release, fueling the company’s growth in this area.

Distinctive Features of Pinko Bags

The appearance of the logo in the form of flying swallows was not accidental. The company positioned itself as a producer of clothing for free-spirited women. It’s no secret that in some countries, swallows symbolize freedom and the arrival of spring. These charming birds quickly brought Pinko worldwide fame. Today, Love Bags can be found in the wardrobes of famous models and affluent women.

The selection of high-quality materials played a significant role in the incredible quality of Pinko products, particularly the use of nappa leather. Nappa leather is derived from the hides of large bovines and undergoes a double cleaning and tanning process. This gives the material increased strength while maintaining softness and elasticity. The texture can be glossy, matte, completely smooth, or textured.


In addition, the branded products have distinguishing features that allow discerning between an authentic Pinko bag and a fake. The main sign of authenticity is the embroidered logo with a special chip placed in the lower part of the bag. To verify the authenticity, you can follow these steps:

  • place the smartphone next to the chipped logo;
  • scan the QR code;
  • retrieve the desired information.

To provide additional protection against counterfeiters, new products will feature additional strengthening of special heart-shaped tags.

The difference between fake Pinko handbags and authentic ones

The fake handbags are visually similar to the authentic products but with significant differences:

  • fake pinko handbags inscriptions and design are much more modest;
  • the birds are less detailed;
  • in some replicas, the birds are replaced with different patterns and lack the brand’s distinctive mark;
  • lining and fittings have no branding.

The main difference between replicas and the genuine brand is the significantly lower price, which differs significantly from the original.

How to take care of your Pinko bag

To ensure that your bag lasts as long as possible, it’s advisable to follow simple care rules. These rules won’t take much time but will help preserve the accessory’s pristine condition:

  • make it a habit to wipe the product with a soft damp cloth to remove dust and dirt;
  • do not use wet wipes soaked in alcohol, as well as vinegar or other chemically aggressive substances for cleaning;
  • use only specialized care products to remove fresh stains;
  • if the handbag is not used for a long time and is kept in improper conditions, it may become deformed; to not let this happen, it is necessary to lay a material inside that will help to keep its shape;
  • if you applied hand cream to the hands, it is better to take the bag after it is completely absorbed;
  • original items are sold with protective covers to prevent dust accumulation during storage – they should be used.

The general requirement is to always keep your handbag in a clean condition. However, you don’t need to use sprays or perfumes for this purpose. There are special cleaning products available for both the exterior and interior of the bag. They will restore the item’s presentable appearance and protect it from premature surface damage.

These simple rules apply to the care of all accessories, but it is especially important to be attentive if you use high-quality branded bags.

For more information on how to care for a leather bag, you can read  THIS ARTICLE .

Top Italian Handbag Brands

Pinko – not the only brand that delights fashionistas worldwide. Italy happens to be the home of the most renowned global brands, including:

  • Prada and Miu Miu , combining the elegance and compact size of the first and the provocative style for independent women – the second;
  • Piquadro and The Bridge – perfect quality, minimalist style, colorful geometric design;
  • Love Moschino distinguished by numerous additional elements that ensure its high functionality;
  • Furla is a well-known brand all over the world; specializes in the production of casual bags, the design of which uses a diverse color palette;
  • Fendi a brand with a long-standing reputation, using exotic animal skins and calfskin in their bag production;
  • Coccinelle offers products in a light, pleasant style, using canvas, suede, leather for their manufacture. They represent themselves as an “affordable luxury” brand;
  • Bottega Veneta produces accessories characterized by high elegance and aesthetics;
  • Borbonese one of the oldest companies specializing in making everyday bags, offering a wide range of options;
  • Alviero Martiniknown for the famous GEO collection, the company also releases different types of bags, backpacks, and suitcases.

Italian handbags remain at the forefront of the fashion industry, commanding unwavering demand from style-savvy individuals across the globe.

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