12 TOP Methods Of Composting

12 TOP Methods Of Composting

Human life activity is not wasteless. A lot of waste is left after cooking. You need to get rid of them. In addition, they are also formed when clearing a vegetable garden or orchard. You can send them to the trash can. But if you have a summer cottage or a personal plot, it is more useful to recycle waste. This will not only increase yields, but will also help to contribute to helping the environment.

With proper processing of food waste, you can make the most useful compost . Create high quality, natural and sustainable fertilizer.

You can read about good eco-friendly habits in this article.

What is compost formed from?

Most food waste and plants can be used to make compost fertilizer . But there are those that are not suitable for creating it:

  • fish, dairy and meat waste;
  • stems and leaves of plants infected with fungal and viral diseases;
  • weeds with ripe seeds;
  • thick branches, bones and glossy paper;
  • citrus peel: it interferes with the reproduction of earthworms;
  • vegetation treated with pesticides.

Do not pour water and detergents into the compost heaps. Human and animal feces, construction waste, lime will not be beneficial.

Traditional composting methods

Natural fertilizer can be prepared in the country, in a private house and even in an apartment in a multi-storey building. To do this, you need to choose the most suitable option for its preparation.organic waste compost

In practice, two main methods of biofertilizer preparation are used : aerobic and anaerobic. The first ensures the decomposition of waste under the influence of air and microorganisms. The second does not provide for the intake of air into the processed waste.

The best ways to compost

Living in a country house, in a private household with a personal plot, you can easily solve the problem of recycling food waste. To do this, you can equip a place for a compost heap and prepare biofertilizer at home. Compost can also be prepared in the apartment, if you do not go to the dacha often. Several options are used for this.

  1. Drying is a method that is especially convenient in warm and hot seasons. To form compost in this way, sleep tea, crushed eggshells, peels of fruits (except citrus fruits) and vegetables are suitable. If the apartment has a loggia or balcony, then everything will dry out quickly in the sun and breeze. It is important that the beneficial properties are preserved.
  2. In winter, you can use the “cold” composting method . For this, food waste in bags is laid out in the cold. You can also store them on the balcony or cold loggia before traveling to the country in early spring.
  3. Using a food waste disposer (disposer). It is an electrical appliance that is installed in the kitchen under the sink. With its help, you can grind various food waste , even small bones. The device is simple and easy to use. But compost for the garden cannot be prepared using it. He will turn all waste with a small amount of water into gruel and carry it to the sewer.composting and composting
  4. A vermicomposter is a box with a special substrate for worms. They are actively working to create compost from food waste. The result is a high-quality biofertilizer. To ensure you get the desired result, you can purchase a ready-made worm composter. And home craftsmen with skillful hands can make a vermicomposter on their own.
  5. Making vermicompost in a fermentation container. This simple device belongs to EM technologies. In the formation of fertilizers, the so-called effective microorganisms are used (hence the name EM container). Externally, the container looks like a regular bucket. But it has an original design: two covers, a grate and a drain cock. Bacteria “work” with food waste and turn it into liquid. It is a good fertilizer for indoor plants .
  6. A number of companies offer ready-made modern EM composters. This is an excellent way to utilize food waste and quickly convert it into vermicompost. They look aesthetically pleasing and do not take up much space. Hard workers-microorganisms effectively work and recycle organic waste. The resulting mass has absolutely no unpleasant odors.
  7. The traditional way to prepare compost is to use a compost heap (pit). It is usually equipped on the site, in the garden, in the garden with your own hands. It provides for two or three compartments. This allows you to turn the formation of natural fertilizer into a continuous cycle.composting food waste

Methods such as drying and freezing can be used if there is little waste for composting . If the family is large and there is a lot of food leftovers, effective EM technologies can be used.

Devices for obtaining biofertilizers using EM technologies

Today vermicompost is easy to cook at home. To do this, you can use the offers of suppliers. They expand the possibilities of composting food waste with modern technologies. These options are already listed in the article. The use of EM technologies allows the production of compact, efficient products. They reliably perform their functions and practically eliminate the appearance of an unpleasant odor:

  • composters,
  • containers,
  • drugs.

It is believed that EM technologies are the most effective and relevant ways to address environmental restoration issues. They also help increase yields for individual households and for the agricultural sector as a whole.

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How effective microorganisms work

Bacteria form the basis of EM drugs. They are actively involved in the processing of food waste. Their numerous types were first used for such works in Japan. Later they gained recognition and widespread distribution in other countries.

Different groups of microorganisms perform their tasks:

  • accelerate the formation of humus;
  • suppress the activity of pathogens;
  • improve the structure of the soil;
  •  contribute to the acceleration of the decomposition of organic matter in the soil;
  • stimulate seed germination and plant root formation.

You can choose any method. Each of them has its positive aspects. The main and general one is the efficient composting of food waste. You can read about why food waste is a global environmental problem in this article.

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