5 steps to femininity

In order to have a real man - you need to be a real woman.

Relations between the sexes in the framework of unisex (when a woman and a man play the same role in society) have long become the norm. But, as you know, the norm is just the most common mental illness.

If you want to become one of those about whom contemporary poets wrote, then these few steps will help you on the path to femininity.

What is femininity?

First of all, let's make it clear that femininity and sexuality are different concepts. Just like porn is not an art, unlike the ladies in paintings in the Louvre.

Femininity is an ethical category meaning a set of qualities expected of a woman, such as emotionality, tenderness, fragility, sincerity, which makes a man want to protect and protect a woman.

At its core, femininity is the opposite of masculinity. And, all those actions that are similar to male behavior can not carry a real woman. A popular psychologist, Satya Das, in his lectures talks about the most important difference in the development of men and women. A man progresses, gaining masculine qualities, and a woman progresses, getting rid of masculine qualities. She does not need to learn how to be feminine, each is given from nature, she needs to learn to get rid of everything masculine

Step 1. Stop competing and clashing.

The nature of a woman is divine in itself. Each in its own way is beautiful and unique.

It’s quite normal for a man to compete with someone, join the battle and win. But competition destroys female nature. Do not try to conquer a man or be jealous.

You should not participate in any charts for the title of the very-most. You are either loved or not. If a man has a choice between you and someone else, then let him choose that other.

It is also impossible to compete with the man himself. To prove that you are better at something than him will not lead to a positive outcome. At the moment when you begin to communicate with him as a rival, he no longer perceives you as a delicate fragile creature.

Even if you really understand something better - be wiser and do not allow yourself to engage in debate with him. This will only humiliate your man.

Moreover, communicating with him in the male language, you are likely to lose. Talk to him like a woman: gently and gently. You will have a much better chance of reaching a mutual agreement.

Step 2. Care.

Does wearing trousers interfere with femininity? Wearing trousers and a short haircut interferes with a woman in the same way as a man would be prevented by stockings on the way to masculinity.

A real woman looks nicer and sexier in a skirt, with long well-groomed hair, in bright juicy colors. Certainly: black, gray - plain clothes, much more practical to wear. Only practicality is a male term, and it does not combine with the concept of femininity.

You also need to find time for women's body care rituals. And here we are talking not only about a neat look, but also about emotional relaxation. All kinds of baths with salts, massages, masks and body wraps are a kind of female meditation.

Step 3. Tranquility

The calm of a woman makes a man confident. The confidence of a man makes a woman calm. It's a vicious circle. What do I mean by calm?

First, movement, gait, manner of speaking. The slower and smoother all of the above - the more attractive you look from the side.

Secondly, the lack of fuss. All women by nature are very gentle creatures. Therefore, you need to try to communicate only with people who carry positive and pleasant vibrations. Do not overwhelm yourself with social responsibilities outside the home. A woman is generally better off avoiding social life.

Step 4. Creativity

Be sure to be creative, and in every possible way to encourage and finance this sphere of life. It is much better to devote your free time to a hobby than to social life. This does not mean that you need to constantly stay at home. You can and should visit clubs of interest.

What is the difference between social life and interest clubs?

By social life, I mean all kinds of meetings of residents, some meetings. All that can cause stress.

Interest clubs - this can be a dance course, a sewing course or karaoke.

Step 5. Work

Women's work should be primarily female. A woman should be inspired by what she does. To draw energy from this, and not give it away.

A man is a fighter by nature, he always needs to overcome obstacles, otherwise he will degrade. It is unusual for female nature, therefore it is especially important for us that the work be loved and not bring stress.

If a woman after a working day feels like a squeezed lemon, then she should think about changing her job or in general occupation.

A successful woman is not the one who vomits and rushes on the steps up the career ladder, but the one who enjoys her life in all its manifestations. I wrote about how to find my calling in this article.


If at this stage of your life you meet only unworthy men, then it is worth considering. We always attract people who are suitable for us in terms of development. Therefore, do not try to improve the man, try to become the best version of yourself. And then, the universe will surely find a worthy candidate for you, and the man near you will simply be forced to become better.

In order to have a real man - you need to be a real woman.

Based on the books of Satya Das “Woman and Her Divine Nature”, “Great Boring Happiness”, and a series of lectures.

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